Established in 1978, Rewind Motor Electrical Trading Sdn Bhd (RMETSB) is a family owned business that started humbly with core business of motor rewinding and servicing. Further business ventures and evolvement has turned RMETSB into a major electrical based services provider with over 34 years of experience in the Asia providing a complete electrical solution for all major vertical industries such as Oil & Gas, Oleo chemicals, Marine and various heavy and general industries . Since 2010, RMETSB has further expanded to offers complete maintenance and support services in wide range of products such as instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, motor rewinding, overhauling, repairing service to users of all brand of AC, DC, HV, LV electric motors, pumps, fans, alternator up to 1000hp.Today the company operates from Klang, Selangor as home base and service clients from all major industries by providing highest quality of services and customer support. Customer reference list are attached within the appendix for further review.

Why Choose Us?
RMETSB to become a major distributor and service provider for many leading industries and marine.RMET of today have learned that having replacement equipment on hand is a great benefit to our customers when a repair begins to approach 50-60% of the cost of a new unit.
The company which was based in AEMT had an excellent track record, by keeping up to date with technological trends both in materials and equipment. Highest class of insulation and material was using to achieve an unparalleled quality.Many of our customers have been with us from starter until nowadays.
We have teams of extensive experience & skilled workers have seen nearly every type of machine,mechanical repair, or service situation imaginable, which allows us to offer shipboard and in shop electrical and mechanical services to industries and marine customers. We can provide 24-hours service in 365-days to help keep the marine &industrial sector running. Our teams were able to provide a recommendation to customers with fault findings.
Our Mission
At RMET we share a commitment to serving you promptly, efficiently and honestly. We strive to be the most customer service oriented and efficient supplier of Electrical apparatus. We want to become the unquestioned leader in meeting our customers’ needs by exceeding expectations and always delivering the highest quality products and services on time without error. We will realize this by teaming with our employees and suppliers to perform to the highest standards.